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Upper Chest Workout without weights

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No chance to go to the gym? It does not matter, for the purpose to do upper chest workout the most ordinary apartment is suitable – there would be a desire. Those who believe that only dumbbells, weights and pancakes will help them to pump their breasts, are deeply mistaken. In fact, the most important thing is desire. As practice shows, the desired result can be achieved without the help of various accessories. How? Read on!

Structure of pectoral muscles

The muscular group of the breast consists of three main parts:

  • Large pectoralis muscle. The most massive part starts from the clavicle, the straight muscle of the press and the front of the sternum. Its main tasks are lifting and bringing the arm to the body. It is she who is most susceptible to growth in the process of training.
  • Small pectoralis muscle. It is located under a large triangle, resembling its shape. Attached to the blade and ensures its movement.
  • Anterior toothed muscle. Located on the side of the sternum, provides a turn of the scapula. It plays a big role in improving the appearance of the athlete and improving his physical performance.

The pectoral muscles are a large muscle group, which means that it is essential to use basic exercises for its growth. However, not all so simple. They have a unique structure, the muscle fibers are located in them under different directions. Therefore, if you want to develop a massive and powerful upper chest workout, then be sure to include in your training bench on an incline bench.

Standard push-ups

Throw aside the laziness aside and start to push away from the floor. Keep your hands on shoulder level. Do for 10-15 repetitions, and between the approaches rest only for 1-2 minutes. If you will push through the day, after 2 weeks you will see positive results. But do not relax, it’s just a start.

chest exercises without weights

Classic push-ups

Alternative push-ups

In the limit, lie once, then put your right hand as close to the left as possible. Next – put the left to the same level as the left shoulder. Squeeze again. Now move your left hand as close as possible to the right hand, then place the last hand on the shoulder level. Again, push back. This exercise is quite complicated, but one repetition replaces two push-ups. Believe me, your chest will appreciate it.

Push-ups with a narrow grip

Take an emphasis lying. Put your hands in such a way that the thumbs touch each other. Do 10 to 15 repetitions, while resting between the approaches only for a couple of minutes. Do not forget about the triceps – they need to be swung along with the muscles of the chest.

upper chest workout

Effective exercise: push-ups with a narrow grip

Push-ups with support

Once you have overcome two weeks of training, the fat on your upper chest workout added long-awaited muscles. It’s time to take up new exercises. You’ll need a floor box. Take an emphasis lying down and put one hand just on the floor, and the second – on the dais. In this situation, you need to do 4 approaches, in each – 15 push-ups on each of the hands. At the same time you can rest only 1-2 minutes.

how to build chest muscles

Unusual push-ups

Replacement of hands

The left hand should be laid on the box in the rest position. Now, try to lift the body until the right one becomes completely straight. Then change your hands in places and do the same exercises. In total there are four approaches for 15 push-ups, Jason Statham workout include push-ups too.

Push-ups narrow grip on the box

Take on the box, lie down and make a narrow grip. Do not forget that there should be a maximum of a couple of minutes of respite between the four approaches fifteen times. The second phase of exercises for a relief chest will take you from three to five weeks. This time is enough for the breast not only to get pumped up, but also to acquire a noticeable relief.

Jumping on the hands

As soon as the second phase comes to an end, during the fifth and sixth weeks should be wrung out with a replaceable support. In other words, during lifting the body, immediately move your hands from the box to the floor, and then vice versa – return them to their original position.

how to build chest muscles

Jumping on the hands to pump chest muscles

During the training period, you managed to make the breasts pumped up, and the muscles – many times harder and stronger. Now you are a muscular guy who definitely has something to boast about, if you suddenly need to undress in front of a female audience.

But do not immediately relax and indulge lazily in the rays of the glory you have gained. Training can be, and even need to continue. Try to perform all the exercises from each phase in turn. It will be enough only 4 sets of 10 reps each. Hold the training for 2 days, then 3 days, take a break. Yes, it will require some effort, but you’re already a strong and hardy guy!

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