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Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous and its Advantages

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Testosterone cypionate subcutaneous is very similar to the enanthate action but has an even longer ether. Using this steroid, which is based on synthetic testosterone, athletes achieve good results in increasing strength and endurance. This steroid has gained the most popularity in America, but now it has begun to capture the markets of Europe and the CIS countries. How can cypionate so long maintain a high level of testosterone in the blood? It’s very simple, the molecules of testosterone associated with ether are introduced into the fat depot and from there slowly, within 2 weeks evenly enter the blood. This reduces the number of injections, which is very useful for people with fear and intolerance. Issued cypionate only in the form of injections.

Effects of Taking Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous

Any athlete will feel good weight gain in the Bradley Martyn cycle of the cypionate. Since cypionate is aromatized, water retention in the cell will be the basis for mass accumulation. This leads to a rounded shape of the muscles and increased pressure. But it should be remembered, one hundred at the end of the cycle of testosterone cypionate subcutaneous comes to the inevitable rollback of mass and strength indicators. On average, the weight falls by a third, and if you do not make the correct PCT, you can lose 2/3 of the gained weight. The following changes will also be noticeable:

  • The growth of strength indicators on the cycle;
  • The increase in the number of red blood cells, which entails a strong pumping during training, as well as an increase in endurance;
  • There is a change in nitrogen balance, that is, the protein is synthesized to a greater extent than it breaks down;
  • Increased sexual desire, as well as improved erection;
  • Increased appetite and manifestations of aggression, too, you can not escape.

Steroid Profile of Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous:

  • 100% anabolic effects (from testosterone);
  • The same 100% androgenic effect on the body;
  • Strong suppression of the hormonal system;
  • High probability of aromatization and gynecomastia;
  • Minimal effect on the liver.

The Cycle of Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous

If you decide to take testosterone cypionate subcutaneous, then you must be a novice in the field of anabolic steroids. The solo cycle forces you to take 250-500mg of testosterone cypionate per week, you can put injections less often, but there is a possibility of a wave-like concentration of the test in the blood. A solo cycle will give you a nice gain in weight and strength. Since this broadcast is the longest, the cycle should last at least 6-8 weeks. If you are not an experienced athlete, then combining cypionate is not worth it. It is worth remembering that a lot of this does not mean better, if you start taking more than 1 g per week, this can lead to side effects.

If nevertheless, you decide to combine this broadcast, the best option for testing is a bunch of testosterone cypionate and nandrolone decanoate. It should be remembered that if the cycle is combined, then the dosage should not be large, 200mg per week of the soundboard, and testosterone cypionate subcutaneous will be sufficient. On the cycle and after it, it is recommended to use anti-estrogens and reducing agents of your own testosterone (Clomid, tamoxifen).

Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous

The main problems associated with the aromatization of this anabolic steroid, which in turn leads to increased pressure, the appearance of gynecomastia, a violation of the cardiovascular system, and kidneys. Also often encountered such side effects as hair growth, the appearance of acne on the face and back, decreased libido after the end of the cycle, sweating, pain in the head. All these problems can be solved if anti-estrogens and pressure reducing drugs are taken on time. Watch your health, always take tests.

Testosterone Cypionate Reviews

Many athletes are satisfied with the result of taking testosterone cypionate subcutaneous. Of course, weight reduction occurs, but the main part can be left with proper PCT construction. Also, if you do not exceed the dosage and duration of the cycle, you can avoid other side effects, as well as take anti-estrogens on time. This anabolic steroid is recently on the market, but in the future, it may take leading positions. The price of testosterone cypionate subcutaneous is very low due to its rare injections and a small amount per cycle.


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