Indian push-ups

Hindu push-ups (Indian push-ups)

Today, the exercise “Hindu push-ups” is very popular and the fitness industry is experiencing its second ascent. The first came in the 60s of last century. A lot of women and men around the world decided to hook into lifting weights, doing powerlifting, crossfitting, fitness or bodybuilding. Each athlete is individual, so in the industry there are more new exercises […]

Explosive push-ups

Explosive push-ups

 One of the exercises that allow you to work out almost the entire muscular corset is explosive push-ups. While engaged in gyms, many athletes forget that they can develop not only power endurance, but also speed-strength indicators. From the point of view of the functioning of the muscles – it is the endurance and the speed […]


Push-ups – a program for beginners

With thegreat number of different exercises for pumping muscles, you can distinguish push-ups from the floor – what muscles work, will be described below. By its nature, this exercise is basic and has a huge potential, which can be used for its own purposes – it can be a set of mass, an increase in physical […]