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How to pump your back at home: features, equipment, back exercises

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford classes in the gym due to lack of time and financial resources. This article will tell you how to build back muscles at home.

Necessary equipment for a back workout routine

To pump your back both in width and in thickness, you need to purchase two shells: a horizontal bar and dumbbells. In order to achieve the desired result, it is enough just to perform two exercises.

When installing a horizontal bar, remember that you need as much space as possible. The horizontal bar in the doorway will be useless since the lack of space will not allow you to perform the necessary exercises.

Dumbbells should be collapsible and weigh 15-20 kg each. It’s better not to spare money since a quality purchase can last for years.

Having prepared everything you need, you can proceed to the training itself. You need to work out intensively, 4-6 times a week, and gradually reducing the amount to 2-3.

Upper Back Exercises: How-To, Proper Form

Pull Exercises To Target Your Back Muscles

The first exercise is to pull up on the bar. In order to make progress, you need wide pull-ups, which are possible only if there is space. It is necessary to do as many repetitions as possible in each set, so you should first learn how to pull up to 13-15 repetitions.

After it becomes easy, you need to suspend the weight on the belt and increase it as the exercises are done easily. It is recommended to do about 5 sets, gradually adding to the weight.

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The second is the pull of the dumbbell to the waist. In order to bulk the back in thickness, it is necessary to pull the dumbbells to the waist in an inclination, periodically changing hands. It is necessary to perform 13-15 repetitions and periodically add weight (for this, collapsible dumbbells are needed).

Remember that you need to precisely load the muscle that needs to be pumped. Do not add weight to the shells until 15 repetitions are easy for you. It is recommended to rest for 2-3 minutes between sets, performing pull-ups, and about a minute during the pull to the belt.

Do 3-5 sets. The exercise order can be alternated. For example, first, pull up at most once in 5 sets, then go to 13-15 repetitions with a weight of 5 sets, and then perform 5 sets of row. Or vice versa – first do a row of 13-15 repetitions in 5 sets, and then go to pull-ups (first – a maximum without the weight of 5 sets, then – with weight).

Remember that a beautiful wide embossed back can be achieved only by your own work and will not appear just like that.



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