Explosive push-ups

Explosive push-ups

 One of the exercises that allow you to work out almost the entire muscular corset is explosive push-ups. While engaged in gyms, many athletes forget that they can develop not only power endurance, but also speed-strength indicators. From the point of view of the functioning of the muscles – it is the endurance and the speed of contraction that determine the basic domestic force, and not the maximum contractility.

Excellent exercise push-up from the floor with cotton

Excellent exercise push-up from the floor with cotton

Why and to whom?

Why and who needs explosive push-ups? There are several basic tasks that they perform. Due to this they are often used:

  1. Boxers – and other athletes associated with martial arts. Explosive push-ups directly affect the speed, setting and impact strength, which is especially important in combat.
  2. Crosswords – for the development of functional strength.
  3. People who want to soon acquire a relief, albeit not very large musculature.

The latter is especially interesting, since high-speed and explosive exercises are most often used by Hollywood actors. By stimulating deep layers of muscles, which are usually not involved during basic exercises, comes from rapid growth. This is comparable to the growth effect of a man who has never done sports in his life. In the first 2 months of classes, there is a lot of progress, which then slows down.

Explosive exercises also make it possible to achieve this effect already trained athletes.

What muscles work?

Despite the fact that the mechanics of explosive push-ups from the floor in many ways is similar to simple push-ups, the number of involved muscle groups significantly exceeds (in the most complex variation). Let’s consider in more detail

Muscular group Load type Accent (in comparison with simple push-ups)
Thoracic muscles Dynamic Significant
Musculoskeletal Static Absent
Abdominal muscles Dynamic Absent
Muscles of the lumbar region Static Minor
Triglytic Extender Dynamic Minor
Hamstrings Static Absent
Gluteus muscle Static Absent
Calf muscle Static Absent
soleus Static Absent
Front deltas Dynamic Significant
Wrist muscles Dynamic Significant
Double-headed flexor Stabilizing Significant

As you can see from the map – more muscle groups are involved. In addition, the focus on the target muscles allows you to get a deeper study.

Implementation Options

There are a lot of variations on the topic of explosive push-ups from the floor. Some of them have extremely complex techniques, which implies better coordination, but little effect on explosive strength.

Explosive push-ups

Explosive push-ups

Let’s consider the basic types of push-ups:

  • With a small separation of hands from the floor. The stronger the neuro-muscular synapse, the higher you can climb;
  • With cotton. Creates an additional focus on the muscles of the flexor arm;
  • The variant of cotton at the grasshopper position – develops the front surface of the hand burned into a fist, improves coordination, and wrists muscles;
  • With the separation of the case.
  • With jumps and fold.

Note: Due to the complex coordination technique, which will be amenable only to experienced athletes, the variant with jumps and bends, as well as the claps from the position of the grasshopper will not be considered.

With a snatch of hands

With a hand-off – the most simple variation on the topic. The main feature is to try to tear your hands off the floor. A more complicated version means that the landing is already half-bent. An excellent option for those who have just started to develop their neuromuscular synapse and explosive power.


The complicated version of the previous exercise is actively used in the martial arts, as it forces not only to develop dynamic explosive force of the triceps, but also to coordinate the body in such a way that during the activation of the biceps at the upper point of the movement, it is time to expose the body and effect a stabilizing effect due to the rear deltas.

With the separation of the whole body

The detachment of the whole body implies an extremely high degree of development of triceps and anterior deltas. For except it is important to be able to properly stabilize yourself, to rise high enough. Variations with bouncing are available only to well-developed athletes who train for more than one month to master the right technique.

Technique of execution

The technique of explosive push-ups from the floor in many respects resembles the classical, but there are some features in each of them. Let’s consider in more detail

With a snatch of hands

In the case of a simple detachment of hands, the technique is extremely simple:

  1. Put in the emphasis lying;
  2. Make a full lowering, before touching the floor.
  3. Sharply push with your hands, making a load at the lowest point, giving an impulse for lifting.

The complexity of the exercise is determined not by the number of times performed, but by the maximum height in the last repetition. In addition, it is important to keep the body in a straight position, which not all athletes can afford.


In many respects, similar to the previous one.

  1. Put in the emphasis lying;
  2. Make a full lowering, before touching the floor.
  3. Sharply push with your hands, making a load at the lowest point, giving an impulse for lifting.
  4. At the moment of being in the air, clap your hands.
  5. Returning of hands to the starting position is achieved due to the elastic pulse, which is obtained during cotton.
  6. It is important to hold the body, and return your hands immediately to a semi-bent position, to reduce the load on the elbow joint.

Advanced version, involves the use of double and triple cotton. It develops maximum speed and explosive force, due to the need to use the maximum possible movements with a high degree of accuracy and intensity.

With the separation of the whole body

This exercise, in addition involves the muscles of the legs – and in a very unnatural amplitude. Therefore, it is important to monitor the correct technique of performing the exercise, so as not to get injured, and not overstrained ligaments.

  1. Put in the emphasis lying;
  2. Make a full lowering, before touching the floor. Sharply push with your hands, making a load at the lowest point, giving an impulse for lifting. At the same time, sharply push your feet off the floor. Importantly – the impulse should not pass from the quadriceps, but from the gluteal muscle – making forward movement (as if trying to raise your legs in front of you). Only then the impulse is transferred to the quadriceps and caviar.
  3. Being in the air, stretch your arms forward, and pull the socks.
  4. During the time in the air, return the socks to the maximum tension with heels, to stabilize the load.
  5. Returning of hands to the starting position is achieved due to the elastic pulse, which is obtained during cotton.
  6. It is important to hold the body, and return your hands immediately to a semi-bent position, to reduce the load on the elbow joint.

There are several features. First, breathing. In no case should you take a full breath. Repulsion takes place on a half-exhalation. Otherwise, the load, and the speed of execution will not allow you to release all the air, which dangerously increases intracranial pressure. At the moment of repulsion from the floor, it is necessary to strain the press, to create an additional impulse. When landing on the ground e, on the contrary, the waist strains, to level the effects on the spine.

Why push-ups are needed

Why push-ups are needed

Exercise is only performed in athletic shoes with a hard toe. You can not perform this variation on a bare foot, because not having calculated the correct tension angle, you can not only fall, but also break your toes.

Neuro-Muscle Synapse

Explosive exercises (such as jumping out of sitting position), or push-ups with cotton and body separation, develop a neuromuscular synapse, or rather an explosive force. If to explain in simple language, the speed at which the spinal cord can send a signal to reduce is relatively small. In this case, the untrained organism sends a limited number of impulses regardless of the load. That is why there is a “false” opinion about that, then all the rolling is slow. After all, with the increase in the size of the muscle fiber – it needs more nerve impulses that stimulate contraction.

Explosive exercises stimulate the ability of the spinal cord and brain to send more impulses. Due to this, the athlete’s speed indicators increase. And because of the increase in the number of signals, more muscle fibers are involved. Those. in explosive exercises, the entire triceps is reduced – including the deepest “reserve layers”.

The development of explosive power

Explosive push-ups despite its specifics are not aimed at improving the overall performance of power (although in the first months of occupation, the effectiveness of simple push-ups can increase exponentially), but it is on the development of explosive strength. Therefore, if your main task is getting more muscle speed.

At the same time, the development of red muscle fibers – increases the possibility of injuries during work in the refusal in such exercises as bench press. Due to the lack of development of white fibers that are not involved in explosive exercises, the maximum weight can be increased, but exceeding the maximum weight will lead to the rupture of white fibers.

Note: this risk exists only for highly advanced athletes who are powerlifting to the brink of human body capabilities.

The result

Explosive push-ups are an excellent option for mid-level athletes. This exercise will allow you to quickly purchase a beach form without additional drying before the summer, and most importantly – by increasing the explosive force, the force of impact increases in parallel, which is useful not only for athletes in the relevant disciplines, but can help in different situations, and can even save a life.

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