trapezius muscle

Exercises for the trapezius muscle for the gym and at home

Little attention is paid to such an important part of the body as a trapezius muscle and doing bodybuilding, most athletes is aimed at leveling such popular muscle as chest, biceps, triceps , leg muscles, torso – back and abdomen. Compared with, for example, the same chest muscles, the popularity of the trapezium is smaller. Even in a network of literature or sources of information to study the exercises and biomechanics of this muscle is much less than for biceps or some other muscle groups. But still, many ask the question: “How to pump up a trapezoid?”.

Why is it important to rock the trapezoid

The trapezius muscle (for the simplicity of designation it is called “trapezoid”) performs the work of bringing, leading, raising and lowering the blades, and is divided into several departments that perform specific functions.

The peculiarity of this part of the body is that, with proper development, it creates a natural corset for the spine and neck, helps avoid critical loads on the joints of the shoulders and collarbones and, as a consequence, prevents injuries to these zones.

So, it not only forms the posture of the spine in the cervical region, but also supports the neck, removing some of the load from it. In addition, the swung trapezius muscle looks very effective and harmoniously complements the symmetry between the shoulder girdle and the widest back muscles. That’s why the development of the trapezoid is important. Before training use stretching exercises.

How to pump up a trapezoid

It is noteworthy that the trapezius muscle in all its exercises is loaded indirectly, and for each department you need different exercises for the trapezoid, which, often, you will not fit into one training day.

trapezius muscle

Trapezius muscle structure

Each department must be loaded on different days in accordance with the training program.

That is, during the pumping of the back, the middle and upper sections are pumped up, while working on the shoulders – the lower one. Thus, the upper section is loaded due to various shags with bars, dumbbells, weights or other weighting, where the projectiles themselves are located in front, behind or on the sides.

The middle section receives pumping during various tilts in the slope – those used to work out the muscles of the back.

The lower department works during the exercises to lift the weighting agent above him, for example, an army press. Such exercises are used to pour the shoulders.

trapezius muscle

Trapezius muscle pumping

If it is noticeable that one of the departments lags behind the others, then it is worth to load it one and a half times stronger. If there is no possibility or power, then just give the problem site more time until it overtakes the others. Of course, the most popular of the trapezium’s departments is the top one, but if there is a desire to get a harmoniously developed body, then it is worthwhile to engage in all three, rather than prefer some specific one. I also advise you to read the article about pumping .

Exercises on the trapezoid in the gym

Classes in the gym differ from the home that in the room there are dimensional simulators and a lot of adaptations that will help to work out your muscles more efficiently. Such adaptations take up a lot of space, and they are expensive, so not everyone can afford to install them at home. An example is the block simulators in which it is possible to perform shrouds, thrusts to the chin, as well as the Smith simulator, where the variation of the thrust to the chin and the shags is possible.

As mentioned above, exercises for the trapezium are divided into sections of the most trapezius muscle:

Shreds with barbell

Shreds with barbell

Upper – shreds with different weighting agents (barbells, dumbbells), in the Smith simulator and on the block simulator;

trapezius muscle

Rod pull to the barbell


Medium – rod pull to the barbell, dumbbells, weights or thrust in the block simulator, as well as traction in the inclination of the bar, dumbbells, dilution of the dumbbell in the sides in slope;


trapezius muscle

Army bench press

Lower – “army bench press”, dumbbell presses standing or sitting, sitting in Smith’s car (simulator), Arnold’s press and so on.

Everyone has different training systems and they must follow the rules based on the athlete’s body types. Therefore it is impossible to say exactly how many people need repetitions or approaches in a certain exercise on the trapezoid – there are different numbers everywhere.

It is widely believed that the growth of the trapezius muscle occurs under the influence of large weights. Repetitions are in the limit of 8-10 times. Different parts of the muscle need to be shaken during the days of training the back and shoulders, but still pay special attention to certain exercises that spur the growth of this muscle. Do not forget also about sports nutrition.

Trapezium is a muscle that works in tandem with the rest, so you can not load it with insulating exercises.

Exercises for the trapezium at home

As in the gym, at home, you can equally effectively paddle the trapezium using weights, dumbbells or a barbell. And not necessarily it should be purchased shells. They can be self-made.

trapezius muscle

Anatomy of trapezius muscle

The above confirms that this muscle can be worked out by simple exercises on the trapezium, performed in the hall, but using different weighting agents at home. And no one canceled the improvised means – it could be anything, the main thing is that the weight of both weighting agents should be approximately the same.

You can also take a stand on your hands, resting your feet against the wall, and perform lowering-lifting your own weight. This exercise will be akin to bench press sitting.

The turnstile is a frequent phenomenon at home, so with the help of pull-ups the trapeze can also be pumped up. Pulling takes place with a wide grip. There are two variations – you can pull up to the chest and the head. The main aspect is the maximum relaxation of the biceps and the total tension of the trapezoid.

Bleeding the muscles with the house’s shags, as in the hall, implies the location of the shells in front, at the sides and behind the practitioner.

Technique of execution

The technique of performing the shrags. The projectile is held in front of you, on the sides (dumbbells or weights) or on the back in straight hands. During movement, the arms in the elbow joints should not bend. Weight lifting is carried out due to the efforts of the trapezium. Simply put, you need to raise your shoulders up. At the top, stay for a moment, feeling the tension of the trapezoid.

The technique of pulling shells in the slope is as follows: the projectile is held in front of you, lean forward, bend a little knees. The projectile moves along the hips to the abdomen and returns back along the same trajectory.

The technics of a press of a shell sitting. Sit, the back is straightened, the projectile is at the chin level. Run the bench press up, pulling the trapezoid at the top point (as though trying to raise the shell even higher). Hold in this position for a moment. Lower to the starting position.

trapezius muscle

Pumped trapezius muscle


So, you can conclude that the trapezoid can and should be pumped along with large muscle groups, which are dedicated to individual days of training, such as back and shoulders. This is the only way to achieve this muscle growth.

From the foregoing, it can be understood that growth occurs under large weights with repetitions, the number of which is oriented to force or volume, but not to “drying” (all that is more than 12 to 15 times). The range of exercises is very wide: the trapezius muscle can be worked out by different exercises with different shells, in simulators or using improvised means.

The result can be achieved in any conditions – there would be a desire . It will not be superfluous to experiment and combine exercises on different muscle groups, where the trapezoid participates, and observe how the organism responds to it.

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