Correct squats technique. How to squat?

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We all know or at least have heard about squats and that at the initial stages of training in gyms, you need to learn how to do a “base”, that is, basic exercises. The three leading ones are a bench press, a deadlift, and a squat with a barbell. Specifically, here we are talking only about squats.

Guys love this exercise for the fact that it allows you to unfairly quickly gain muscle mass and develop your power abilities. And the girls choose squats for no less attractive reason – beautiful slender hips and a tight, elastic, and pumped up the ass. But this is not all, because of what this exercise is popular.

Safety precautions

Before embarking on this exercise, you need to make sure of your safety and prevent possible injuries.

squats technique

Squats technique

Ideally, you should first consult with your doctor about the possibility of exercising – there may be problems with the spine that you do not know about, and squats with the barbell will exacerbate them. But this item can be skipped if you are completely confident. I also recommend that you do not pay attention to minor problems and confidently go to your dream.

Equipment. What do you think, what will be discussed further? On the equipment and the simulator itself. Starting directly to squats, you need to stock up at least a minimum of equipment: a special belt and bandages on your knees. These simple devices can save you from damage, especially such unpleasant as in joints. I recommend buying goods in trusted stores.

Whether to take a complete set – you decide special low-heeled shoes, such as “rods” or a sneaker (but not sneakers with a thick sole), wristbands or bandages on your wrists, a towel (so that the bar is not so heavy on your shoulders), magnesium (for preventing slipping of the rod). Of course, the professional set is different from an amateur.

Insurance. A mandatory condition is a minimum of two insurers on the sides (if the exercise is not performed in the Smith simulator). In general, there should be three of them – one more behind, provided the bar is dropped back. What to do if there are not so many partners, read the recommendations.

how to squat

Woman’s squat

Weights. It is not necessary to chase the big weights, especially if from the beginning of rowing training has not passed also half a year. Focus on the technique and calculate the working weight so that it is approximately equal to the formula (your weight minus 15 kg = working weight). Gradually, working weight should be increased.

Warm-up. Be sure to warm up – the usual squats with an empty neck, legs, and legs and circular movements in the joints – this will prepare the muscles and joints for subsequent loads.

Well, is it difficult to comply with all these rules? I think not, because they are not so many, but you will spare yourself from unnecessary problems.


If you came to the hall one / one, and you want to poprised, but there are no insurers – calmness, only calm! Do not hesitate to ask for help from anyone, especially if you are a girl, and next to there are nice guys – this is normal for sports halls and complexes, there is some sports etiquette that does not allow to throw the “iron fellow” in trouble. So use these rules.

For girls, I also strongly recommend that from time to time to change the position of the feet on the floor and the width of the setting of the feet. Well, for example, with a wide setting of the legs with socks apart you can use the inside of the thighs and practice the hip joints. I previously wrote about staging legs in an article about gak squats.

When squats in the simulator, you can put your feet together and a little forward – thus, the priest gets involved in the work even more, which can not but rejoice the representatives of the beautiful half. Is not it?

I recommend guys use only free weight (barbell) and not resort to “services” of Smith’s machine. Why? Learn more independently. Here’s your homework. If you already know the answer – please unsubscribe in the comments.

Do not make too many approaches (more than 6) – this is due to a crush on the spine and “erasure” of the knee joints. Take care of yourself.

If you feel that you can not stand on your own with weight – shout, do not hesitate to ask for help. Again, this is part of athletic etiquette. Is not this etiquette a wonderful thing?

Well, after the completion of the exercise, be sure to clean the pancakes with you – cleanliness is only welcomed. If you are a girl – you can ask help guys, at the same time and get acquainted.

squats technique

Proper squats technique

The starting position. Stand in front of the bar and grab for it at an equal distance from the edges (to avoid skewing). Usually, the palms are almost near the shoulders when the bar is already lying on them. A narrow grip allows better control of the bar.

After the establishment of the grip – we climb under the bar, set the back between the palms, and remove the bar from the racks. We leave on centimeters 20 – 30 from racks. It is necessary to establish the position of the feet and feet as soon as possible in order to reduce the downtime. The head is directed forward and upward. After the legs and head were installed, proceed to squat.

Move down. Bending the knee and hip joints, it is necessary to “set aside” the ass back. Do not laugh, it’s really necessary to do, especially as it’s nice to watch, you’ll agree.


Squats with the barbell

We go down until the moment when the thighs are parallel to the floor, and the angle between the legs and hips will be approximately equal to 90 degrees. That is, the knees should be at right angles. Having reached this position – hold for one second, feel the tension of the muscles. At the same time, we look forward and slightly up, not in any way not at our feet.

Upward movement. From the squat, we begin to straighten all the bent joints, as if pushing feet from the floor. You can not change the position of the head – this can affect the performance of the exercise.

After completely straightening the knees and hip joints, give the entire pelvis a little forward – this indicates complete back straightening and the end of the squat with the bar.


So, we have found out what the squatting technique looks like with the bar. From all, it turns out that this exercise has great potential, and will suit both girls and boys. Well, I just have to say goodbye to you.

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