Calf workout

Calf workout: best exercises to target calf muscles

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Many athletes tend to underestimate the leg muscles, but calf exercises are an important part of the training process. Strong leg muscles are needed for the proportional development of the body and aesthetic appearance. In addition, they will help you improve your results in all the basic exercises involving the legs. With the best calf exercises, you can not only burn fat but also significantly increase muscle volume.

How To Get Huge Calves: The Basics

Before proceeding to the training itself, it is worth understanding the principles of working on this part of the body. Exercises for calves should use all the necessary muscles. The calf is the largest muscle of this group, it is located on the back of the leg just below the knee. This muscle works when you are in a position with your knees bent. Exercise on the calves should also work on the soleus muscle, it is located under the calf and is needed for bending the legs. The front muscle is responsible for flexion and rotation of the foot – do not forget about it either.

Separate calf muscle exercises are not important to everyone. Some particularly successful athletes manage to keep their calves in perfect condition just by doing basic exercises. These muscles are trained during any work with the legs, but not everyone needs basic exercises. Additional effective exercises for calves are needed precisely for those who want to achieve pumped, strong muscles contrary to genetics. Too often to train these muscles is not worth it, it will be enough two times a week. And do not forget that such isolated exercises are performed after the main training.

Gym Calf Exercises In Calf Raise Machine

Standing calf raises in the machine

  • Stand on a stand or gym unit with your socks, grab a barbell in your hands or rest your shoulders on the legs of the simulator
  • Get up with weight, achieve full muscle tightness
  • Lower so that the heel is below the level of the toe
  • This exercise for calves should be done slowly, do not rely on inertia

Seated calf raises in the machine

  • Lock your knees with the weight of your calf simulator or barbell
  • Rest on a step or platform simulator toes
  • Lift your heels to the maximum possible point, resisting the weight on your knees
  • This calf exercise pumps the soleus muscle

Calf press in the machine

  • Use the leg simulator, rest your feet in a block shoulder-width apart
  • Raise the platform, resting on it only with toes
  • Try to squeeze it to the highest possible height, if it does not work out – reduce the weight

These exercises on the calf muscles should not be done until complete blockage, overstretching the legs can not only exhaust the muscles but also earn an injury. The average number of repetitions and approaches is 10 by 3, getting used to this amount of work you can increase the repetition. Remember that calves also work in basic exercises, so you can avoid overtraining.

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