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Best Butt exercises

So ordered the nature that the thighs and butt – this is the traditional “problem zone”. Especially for women, so we represent the best butt exercises in this article. It is here that the first thing that settles is superfluous kilograms. And all these consequences of our way of life go away reluctantly. But the good news is that they can be successfully combated with them. About how to do it today.

The shape of the buttocks – the genetic given is exactly the same as the cut of the eyes or the length of the legs, but it can be adjusted by exercises.

So, according to plastic surgeons, there are 4 generally accepted forms of gluteal muscles:

1) A-shaped (“inverted heart”, “oval”) is the standard of the form: the ratio of the waist to the hips is 0.7. The upper part of these buttocks – a small, lower – more, rounding from the base of the legs to the waist – sharp, folds and lateral rips absent.

2) Round – the width of the bones of the waist is equal to the width of the pelvic bones, but the buttocks are convex, outstanding. As a rule, these are the most “heavy” buttocks.

3) V-shaped form – the buttocks are “full” in the upper part, but taper downwards in the “funnel”.

4) Square – the width of the bones of the waist is equal to the width of the pelvic bones, but the buttocks are flat at the same time.

It is important to understand: even if nature has awarded the ideal form of buttocks, it still needs to work on it. Any butt can “sag”, grow cellulite, be not in good shape.

Pumping the butt at home

First, remember: crouching, you do not “build up” the butt, you just tone your gluteal muscles. If you have a “square” gluteus muscle, then from squats with a barbell your hips will become even heavier, and the pop will remain “square”.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right exercises for weight loss! When you begin to train the butt with the weight, the first thing you should pay attention to is the waist width and the hip circumference. The simplest physical exercises are the most effective. This is indicated by fitness trainers, which form training programs for solving body correction problems. And banal sit-ups, familiar to us from childhood, can help to change the shape of the buttocks.

butt exercises

Squats – common butt exercise

Remember 5 importantĀ butt workout rules

  • Strain the press: the abdominal muscles must form a tight corset around the waist and thus fix the spine.
  • Keep your back straight: do not bend, do not slouch.
  • Keep your knees over your feet: this is the right down position.
  • Hold the heels on the floor.
  • Breathe smoothly, in time with movements.
  • Working in this mode allows you to understand how to pump up the buttocks and prevent excessive stress on the joints, stretching the muscles.

Butt exercises in the gym

To pump the buttocks in the hall, you will need about 1 month of conscientious and regular work in the hall. Remember that this is not for someone, but only for you. Performing special strength exercises, you will increase muscle mass on the buttocks and, accordingly, get rid of excess fat deposits in this problem zone.

Do not start exercising without pre-warm-up, which will help warm up all muscle groups. To do this, you can use light running or fast walking with the obligatory presence of elements of a hand swing. Do not forget about the correct breathing.

Almost all the basic exercises aimed at the formation and growth of the gluteal muscles, ideally should be performed using free weights. To achieve hypertrophy of the buttocks, try to use the so-called rule of the “gold standard for training the buttocks” – squats and deadlifts are inflamed with squats and legs with weights with weights.

1. Squats

In fact, such exercises are among the most difficult and at first to perform them are under the supervision of the trainer and taking into account all the recommendations given below. So, when lowering into a squat, remember that the foot should completely rest on the floor. Deep squats that cross the parallel to the floor are not recommended, as they do not bring any special efficiency to the muscles, but can only seriously damage the joints.

Lifting from the squat should not be done with the front surface of the thigh, which is also called a quadriceps, but as a result of the strong tension of the gluteus maximus muscles. Those wishing to gain weight in the buttock area can be advised to perform such squats every other day in 5-6 approaches, each of which will contain 8-10 repetitions.

butt workouts

Squats with barbell

How useful squats are

The form of our priests depends on 3 factors: the shape of the pelvic bone, the development of the muscular corset and the volume of adipose tissue. To do something with the first is impossible, but fortunately, the elasticity of the “fifth point” does not affect the size of the bones. The main role here is played by the condition of the muscles.

The peculiarity of working with this part of the body is its responsiveness to training. Even if the priest is fat, exercise will help to gradually get rid of it. Also squats will be a great answer to the question of whether you can pump up the buttocks, if they are flat, and they do not have a hint of femininity.

During the squats:

  • the work of a large group of muscles is activated. The large gluteus muscle, the “corset” of the hips and spine will be involved.
  • Effects on joints, including hip, knee, ankle.
  • Increases the load on the tendon, improves their condition.
  • Additionally, a load on the heart is provided, a healthy heart rhythm is formed.
  • Therefore, squats allow not only to pump up the legs and buttocks at home, but also how to improve health.

The correct squats technique

However, the exercises need to be done correctly. If you do not understand initially how to squat to pump up the buttocks, you can damage your body.

And also know that no squats and other exercises will not perform a miracle and will not become an amazing tool, how to quickly pump up the buttocks. Training is a constant process, build-up of muscle mass is slow. Usually the question of how much you can pump the buttocks, the coaches answer: from two months. During this period, your “fifth point” will acquire the desired shape and elasticity.

2. Deadlift

For beginners it is useful to use dumbbells when carrying out deadlift. We need to take dumbbells, remove the scapula and, with a slightly retracted booty, lean forward, looking at it in front of him until the hamstrings in the back surface (biceps) feel a stretch. Straighten with the help of the buttocks.

big butt

Deadlift exercise to pump butt

Perform the exercise a couple of times a week in about 4-5 sets with 10 repetitions in each. To maintain the achieved result, it is enough to train only once a week, performing 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.

3. Attacks

Use the step or another elevation of 15-20 cm in height. Before turn around and turn back. In this case, the toe of the foot should be on the platform. After reaching this position, you should lower to the squat to a level of 90 degrees in the knee of the foot, which is in front. With the help of the gluteal muscles, get up from the squat, and then go down again. Do not reset the leg that is on the platform. That is why such attacks are called static attacks.

bigger butt workout

Attacks exercise to bigger butt muscles

This exercise is performed every other day in 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions each.

4. Flies using weights

To work out the small muscles-flexors of the buttocks, it is necessary to perform exercises on special devices, which are often available in the gyms.

workout for butt

Training butt muscles in the gym

Perform it should be several times a week in 2 sets of 20-25 reps for each leg.

5. Legs apart

Exercise is insulating, since it involves only the hip joint. The main load falls on the small and large gluteus muscle. To perform the exercise, sit down on a special simulator until the pelvis and seat fully touch. The presence of a support for the back gives the opportunity to lean back and fix its position.

bigger butt workout

Legs exercise

The outer surface of the thighs should be pressed against the special abutments and by the powerful, isolated effort of the gluteal muscles to spread the legs to the sides. Having reached the critical point, make a distinct pause without interruption by inertia and stay in that position for several seconds. Then control back to the starting position. Do not rest, do the following repetition. In this case, the knee and ankle joints should not be included in the work, since only gluteal muscles should be used.

Exercise is performed in 3-4 sets of 20 reps each.

Effect of the diet on butt

To increase the gluteal muscles should abandon a strict diet, aimed at reducing body weight. In the case of deficiency of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the body spends the received calories to maintain efficiency, and all possible surpluses burn loads in training.

The process of increasing the buttocks also does not happen when eating sweets or fatty foods. Excess weight in this case will be deposited on the sides and will form untidy ears on the hips. The appearance of the buttocks will deteriorate: they become loose, shapeless, covered with a dense crust of cellulite. In addition, the waist will disappear, and in fact it makes the line of the buttocks round and attractive.

Healthy foods

Nutrition to increase the buttocks should be healthy and balanced. Its basis is protein, since it is this organic matter that is the building material for muscles. Useful sources of protein include:

  1. eggs (preferably in boiled form);
  2. beef and veal;
  3. poultry fillets without skin;
  4. low-fat fish;
  5. dairy products;
  6. every possible bean.
butt exercises

Healthy eating

The process of increasing the buttocks will not happen without the use of carbohydrates. And sweets and fast food will not bring the desired result. Food should include complex carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed and permanently provide the body with energy and a sense of satiety. To do this, the diet should be entered:

  1. cereals from cereals;
  2. whole wheat bread;
  3. dishes from brown rice;
  4. breakfast cereals without sugar.

Food to increase the butt

Unsaturated fats are an integral part of the diet to increase the buttocks. A healthy diet is impossible without the useful fats necessary for cell renewal and regulation of metabolic processes. The lack of these compounds can worsen the work of the brain and make the skin dry and flabby. Be sure to include the following products in the food:

  • cold pressed vegetable oil;
  • Fish oil in capsules or small portions of red fish;
  • Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews).

Many instructors advise taking tyrosine – an amino acid that affects the production of thyroid hormones, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. Increasing the level of estrogen in the blood contributes to the appearance of seductive circles, and somatropin – to accelerate the growth of muscles. However, only a professional trainer or a nutritionist can advise the name and dosage of sports supplements.

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