french press

How to do french press correctly with a barbell and dumbbells

Today we will talk about, of course, the best exercise for working out the triceps. We will talk about the French press and the variations of its performance. Perhaps you will also be interested in articles like pumping of trapezoids and what is pumping. The French press is an excellent isolation exercise for the triceps. In addition, we want to pay the separate […]


Push-ups – a program for beginners

With thegreat number of different exercises for pumping muscles, you can distinguish push-ups from the floor – what muscles work, will be described below. By its nature, this exercise is basic and has a huge potential, which can be used for its own purposes – it can be a set of mass, an increase in physical […]

trapezius muscle

Exercises for the trapezius muscle for the gym and at home

Little attention is paid to such an important part of the body as a trapezius muscle and doing bodybuilding, most athletes is aimed at leveling such popular muscle as chest, biceps, triceps , leg muscles, torso – back and abdomen. Compared with, for example, the same chest muscles, the popularity of the trapezium is smaller. Even in a network […]

Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

Many people know about the benefits of stretching – it helps to improve flexibility and coordination, makes the muscles elastic, forms a beautiful figure, improves health. The first association of most people with stretching is the twine exercises. But in fact, everything is far from being limited to this – for effective training you need […]

Beginner Ab Workout and Tips

Today a lot of people are interested in exercises for the press for beginners. In this article you will learn what is the beginner ab workout and its features. A perfect figure, especially flabby and overgrown belly fat, can cause a lot of complexes, so exercises for the ab, aimed at improving the body, have […]

5x5 workout

5×5 Workout Program for Beginners

In recent years, people have been sitting on propiarenic fashion programs, forgetting about this classic: the 5×5 workout. Since this program has become an excellent example for training, it also had some kind of fad, but not bad at all. In this article I want to briefly go through the history of the program 5×5, […]

circuit training

How to Build the Perfect Circuit Training

How to do a circuit training? Features, rules, advantages and disadvantages you will find in this article. The problem of getting rid of excess weight is especially acute in the spring, when it comes to the realization that the summer is already around the corner. What kind of attempts is not made in an effort […]

butt exercises

Best Butt exercises

So ordered the nature that the thighs and butt – this is the traditional “problem zone”. Especially for women, so we represent the best butt exercises in this article. It is here that the first thing that settles is superfluous kilograms. And all these consequences of our way of life go away reluctantly. But the […]

weight loss

Best Exercises and Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

In this article we have collected the best exercises for weight loss and nice nutrition tips. To girls and boys to lose weight quickly, training programs are required to burn fat. These trainings are conducted, as a rule, at a very intense pace and involve immediately the maximum number of muscles. For this reason, weight […]


Zumba Dance Workout for Weight Loss

Zumba is a relatively young dance direction, the author of which in 2001 was Alberto Perez, a Colombian choreographer dancer. This fitness program combines elements of hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo, flamenco and belly dancing. This super-mix made the zumbu one of the most popular slimming exercises in the world: at the moment it has […]