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5×5 Workout Program for Beginners

In recent years, people have been sitting on propiarenic fashion programs, forgetting about this classic: the 5×5 workout. Since this program has become an excellent example for training, it also had some kind of fad, but not bad at all.

In this article I want to briefly go through the history of the program 5×5, as well as some interpretations of 5×5, which have been used for many years.

The main confusion in the interpretation of 5×5 is that many sources illustrate it in different ways (depending on the purpose and length of training). But I do not want to say that if you are training under the 5×5 program, then you most likely do not know all the nuances.

History of the program 5×5

The basics of the 5×5 program were compiled by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mentor Reg Park in 1960. There is a quote where Star tells how he got to the idea of ​​the 5×5 program:

The researchers noticed that 4-6 repetitions in 4-6 approaches, increasing weight in each successful approach, produces the most significant increase in strength. Incredibly, I applied this idea for five approaches and repetitions, as it was a golden middle and was easily remembered.

compound exercises

Squats with barbells

In the last few years, strongman trainers such as Glen Pandley and Mark Rippot have again made the 5×5 program popular. On this account, there are a lot of praised articles (including the article Madkov, regarding the program 5×5).

So the 5×5 program will continue to live, and for this there is a good reason: it is an excellent program for many applications. It can not be good or bad, if it is chosen by the same beginner, it will not fail.

What is 5×5?

In simple terms, the 5×5 program consists of 5 approaches and 5 repetitions. As I mentioned earlier, Star came to this simply by simplifying 4-6 repetitions and 4-6 repetitions into something averaged for optimal strength gains.

5 repetitions in the approach, this is a fairly robust choice for several reasons. I already said that this was discussed in both Mark Ripato’s books “Becoming Strong” and “Practical Program for Strength Training”. Which I do not just recommend for reading, but you can also find them in Asgard. Highly recommend!


5×5 training

5 repetitions in the 5×5 program just fall into the corridor that we need for hypertrophy. Simply put, making its maximum of 5 repetitions, it’s just the same and will be about 85% of the maximum. And the trainee will use the weight a little lower if he uses more than 1 work approach. This weight provides enough tension to recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers. 5 repetitions also reach this goal. High intensity + metabolic work is a winning combination for the growth of both strength and mass. Especially in combination with the progression of the load during a certain time.

Since the metabolic fatigue in the 5-re set is quite small (in comparison with the high-repetition set), but the technique is often more qualitative when compared with high repetition. When fatigue begins to be felt quite strongly on high repetition approaches, trainers often begin to violate technology. Doing the same for 5 repetitions, allows you to avoid this nuance.

But it can be the other way round if the weight is too large and the repetitions are less than 5. Order and concentration becomes very important when the number of repetitions becomes smaller and the weight is greater. Simply put, the technique needs to be monitored in both situations.

powerlifting program

5×5 deadlift exercise

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that criticism is enough for this program, usually from the submarine. The main reason for criticism – at the first repetitions is too little workload. Their circuit training regime is built on triples, deuces and singles. Lifters give them preferences more often, not only because you can increase the weight, but also because you will make the first repetitions, which is the key for optimal improvement in the submarine.

Nevertheless, I do not recall that the 5×5 program was recommended specifically for the submarine sphere, so the relevance of the criticism from the submarine becomes irrelevant. This program is well suited to build a basic strength (and good size, if you do everything right), this is its main goal.

However, some on the Internet (as they often do) tried to present the 5×5 program as a kind of universal program for incrementing everything that is possible. But the realities and possibilities of 5×5 are different.

Nevertheless, we have not yet analyzed the nuances of 5×5 (and now we will start to do it). Now we will analyze with you 4 interpretations of the 5×5 program that I know about.

5×5 for beginners or “start climbing up”

The starting program 5х5 is an increasing pyramid, from light weights, to one working weight in 5 repetitions. This is how Star described the original program. Of course, I’m not sure exactly what it is with the very first one-to-one study (it took a year before I came across the original Star referred to).

5x5 workout

The best way to find out if the 5 × 5 program makes you stronger is to try it for 12 weeks. Start with the following steps:

  1. Watch the video – you will see that the program is so simple that it can be adhered to by each of you.
  2. Choose a gym – you will only need a power frame, bench, bar and cargo disks.
  3. Install the application “5 × 5” – it will show what exercises and how much weight to perform, and also how long to rest between approaches. It is free and suitable for iPhone and Android OS.
  4. Apply this knowledge to practice. Only through actions will you become stronger.

Advantages of the 5×5 workout

Weight Loss

Weight loss in the 5 × 5 program depends on the number of calories burned. How can this process be accelerated? To increase working weights. If you start to squat from 140 kg on your shoulders, then turn into a real fat burning machine.

In addition, you can add half an hour of cardio after weight training to burn excess calories and accelerate weight loss. And do not do cardio in those days when the body needs to be restored! To lose 500 grams of fat per week you need to maintain a calorie deficit of 20%.

Fat Burning

Lifting weights allows you to build muscle, burn calories and increase metabolism.

Meanwhile, most people are trying to lose weight by consuming fewer calories and not doing physical exercises. But few can stick to low-calorie diets for a long time. In the end, people tend to break down, gain even more excess weight and become fat, weak and unattractive.

Others try to get rid of fat with just one cardio. They do not understand that half an hour of cardio burning burns only about 400 calories, which is equivalent to one big bag.

compound exercises

men’s and women’s abs

In fact, when burning fat, lifting weights should always take precedence over cardio for the following reasons:

  • Burning calories. The heavier the weight, the higher the intensity and the more calories you burn. Especially if you do complex exercises, such as sit-ups. That’s why power athletes can eat more than ordinary people, and do not get well.
  • Acceleration of metabolism. This phenomenon is called post-training oxygen consumption. That is, after strength training, the body burns more calories in a few hours.
  • Muscle building. Cardio and a low-calorie diet do not lead to the growth of muscle mass, as do strength exercises. The stronger you become, the more weight you can lift and the more muscle you build.
  • Sheer constitution. Muscles are denser than fat. Lifting weights allows you to build muscle, lose fat and look slimmer than you were before with the same body weight.

Mass Gain

Some guys (and so many women) think that strength training will turn them into the same cumbersome athletes as Arnold. However, they do not understand that you need to consume a lot of food for this. This means that only a 5 × 5 program is not enough to become “cumbersome”.


Bodybuilder after 5×5 training

To gain weight, start with three meals a day. After a month, eat four times a day, and a month later, five times. Do not rush, give the body time to get used to a lot of food.

And stay away from the geeners. Usually they are full of sugar, which leads to the formation of fat deposits and bloating.

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