upper butt exercises

5 Best Upper Butt Exercises: Workout for Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is the main “weapon” of many women, which allows you to create the ideal shape of the priests. In addition to the visual aspect, this muscle plays a critical role in most movements, from running and walking to maintaining a standing position. The main problem is that not all athletes do exercises […]

sleep supplements bodybuilding

Best Sleep Aid Supplements for Bodybuilding (2021)

Sleep and bodybuilding are inseparable. In fact, sleep is one of the key factors in bodybuilding. Over 90% of growth hormone is released at night. A period of 24-48 hours (including sleep time) after a hard workout is very important. Right now, the repair and construction of new muscle fibers is taking place. Benefits of […]

eggs for bodybuilding

Eggs for Bodybuilding: How Many Eggs Can I Eat a Day?

A balanced diet is a prerequisite for getting effective performance from sports. Eating right before and after your workout greatly affects how quickly the desired results will be achieved. One of the foods that you can’t do without in sports nutrition is the egg. It is a source of protein and other substances useful for […]

denise rutkowski bodybuilder

Denise Rutkowski Bodybuilder Now: Woman on Steroids

Back in 1993, Denise Rutkowski was a very successful female bodybuilder and her success was really impressive. But since a woman without testosterone cannot build muscle, she had to take huge doses of steroids. Taking large doses of steroids turned into substitution therapy, literally turning Rutkowski into a man. Denise Rutkowski Biography Denise, also nicknamed […]

back exercises bodybuilding

How to pump your back at home: features, equipment, back exercises

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford classes in the gym due to lack of time and financial resources. This article will tell you how to build back muscles at home. Necessary equipment for a back workout routine To pump your back both in width and in thickness, you need to purchase two shells: a horizontal bar and […]

Calf workout

Calf workout: best exercises to target calf muscles

Many athletes tend to underestimate the leg muscles, but calf exercises are an important part of the training process. Strong leg muscles are needed for the proportional development of the body and aesthetic appearance. In addition, they will help you improve your results in all the basic exercises involving the legs. With the best calf exercises, you can […]

testosterone cypionate subcutaneous

Testosterone Cypionate Subcutaneous and its Advantages

Testosterone cypionate subcutaneous is very similar to the enanthate action but has an even longer ether. Using this steroid, which is based on synthetic testosterone, athletes achieve good results in increasing strength and endurance. This steroid has gained the most popularity in America, but now it has begun to capture the markets of Europe and […]

bradley martyn steroids

Bradley Martyn Steroids An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

  Bradley Martyn was born on May 22, 1989, in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, USA. When Bradley was 6 years old, his father committed suicide. As a result, the content and education of the son have engaged in the mother alone. At school age, Bradley Martyn was fond of football. When he […]

Exercises with a gymnastic ball (Fitball)

Exercises with a gymnastic ball (Fitball)

Fitball or gymnastic ball has long been a special place in fitness training. It is easy to use and exercises with a gymnastic ball effectively affect all muscle groups. Pregnant women, people who want to adjust their figure, just sports fans can use fitball in their training. After all, the ways of using it and the set of […]

climber exercise

How to do an exercise climber?

To the category of universal exercises, which can be used as a gym, and in-home training is the exercise of climbers. The benefit of this training is not limited to traditional weight loss. It can be found in various training programs, including it is popular in Crossfit. First of all, because during the exercise, the load is given […]